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 Being Funky Party Testimonials

We are expanding, mutating and evolving! Lots of amazing NEW products to come!  Our 'Being made in NZ' range will Be with You shortly!!!

We are New Zealand's Very First website dedicated to bringing you a whole experience relating to what you look like on the outside, we want to bring some FUN into your life too!
Being Funky is a way to show your individuality.  You know You are different and now You have a way to show it to the world!
So come on a journey with us and share this experience with your friends and family, you won't regret it!!

The Story
I'm Siella.  I moved to New Zealand four years ago, and noticed very quickly that not many people had bright colours, compared with the UK.
I have used Directions hair dye for over 14 years, and have tried many other brands too, and Directions is by far the best.

We now have THE lovely Leilah as Ambassador (She just lurves the bass!) and a huge part of the Funky Family, inspired to share the Fun and spread the LOVE!